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Amazilia Photography is owned and operated by Paul, a British photographer, who started working with fine art nudes as a photographic subject for continual learning, development and enjoyment as he neared retirement from a career working with several major organisations.

Paul focuses his work in three core areas of people photography – fine art nude (including athletic/dance) and sensual nudes, but his principal focus has developed into nudes in the natural environment.

With the latter, Paul is always trying to depict a sense of the deep-rooted, intrinsic connection between people and the natural world.

He is an internationally published photographer with several magazines, who has worked extensively with models in the past four years.

He recently won the Runner-Up Photographer of the Year position with an international magazine, as well as achieving success in two global fine art photographic competitions. He holds Distinctions in both Foundation and Advanced Photography Diplomas.

Paul was delighted to receive the JADE 2017 Erotic Artist of the Year Runner-Up Award with the following citation from the editor:-

"We are extremely pleased to make this award to one of JADE’s more recent contributors. The work of Amazilia Photography has captured our attention and our imagination with its flair and flawless perfection. His body of work continues to grow and his approach, style and creativity it seems knows no bounds as he consistently produces some of the most sensual images we have ever had the privilege to see and publish in the magazine. Paul’s creative vision is first class and his technical expertise and professionalism deserves, in our humble view, much wider recognition. We hope in some small way this award goes part way towards that goal."       Mark Marsay, Editor, JADE Magazine

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