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Amazilia Photography is named after a species of hummingbird native to Peru and Ecuador. I chose this name because hummingbirds are (to me) one of the most beautiful and inspiring natural wonders of the world. The splendour of these tiny avian jewels is reflected in some of their names, such as Shining Sunbeam, Little Sunangel and Andean Emerald.

This radiance and strength is also seen in women. Throughout history artists have tried in every form of art to portray aspects of this feminine beauty.

Making links between people and the natural world is a strong aspect of my photography. In both subjects, there is a wonderful diversity of interests and infinite ways of respecting and appreciating this beauty.

My constant aim is to work far more outdoors with natural light building a strong "nudes in nature" portfolio.

I focus very much on art nude ranging from classic to athletic/dance, but I have also expanded into creative and sensuous erotic art nude. Much of this work tries to produce calm and serene images, while at other times I aim for images which are more dynamic and which ooze energy and attitude.

I try to make all my shoots relaxed and enjoyable for models, while aiming to produce high quality images. I am more than happy to work creatively with models and to take on board their own ideas and suggestions for shoots.

I have Distinctions in both Foundation and Advanced Photography Diplomas, and have three years’ experience working with a wide range of female models. I was an Associate Member of the former Guild of Erotic Artists and am a current Member of the Erotic Art Society.

I am delighted to have recently received the JADE 2017 Erotic Artist of the Year Runner-Up Award with the following citation from the editor:- 

"We are extremely pleased to make this award to one of JADE’s more recent contributors. The work of Amazilia Photography has captured our attention and our imagination with its flair and flawless perfection. His body of work continues to grow and his approach, style and creativity it seems knows no bounds as he consistently produces some of the most sensual images we have ever had the privilege to see and publish in the magazine. Paul’s creative vision is first class and his technical expertise and professionalism deserves, in our humble view, much wider recognition. We hope in some small way this award goes part way towards that goal."

Mark Marsay, Editor, JADE Magazine


Amazilia Photography

November 2017

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