Arabella in the Peak District, England

Amazilia is constantly working on new shoots and projects across the genres of fine art nude covered in his artist's statement. This page includes a number of On-line Exhibits, which include a limited number of photographs from recent projects. Each "project" or "shoot" will remain exhibited on this web site for around 6 - 8 weeks, as the work is continually updated.

Last September I spent several days in England's Peak District, working with a number of models on art nude both in nature, and in the landscape images for the second volume of my "Naturally Nude in Nature" series of books.

This is small selection of some of my favourite images, including some shot on a rocky ridge immediately post-dawn, a small stream with waterfalls, a large open quarry and a shaded rock face with luxuriant ferns.

I particularly liked the commitment and determination of Arabella, who rapidly understood exactly what I was hoping to achieve during the day, and worked so hard to secure it!

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