Monograph - "Rewilding the Human Spirit"

Naturally Nude - Rewilding the Human Spirit

Ever wondered why people feel so deeply and innately connected to nature, and why maintaining contact with our natural world is so important to most people’s health and happiness? This book explains this very deep-rooted human need both through a short contemporary narrative which takes the reader from America’s Yellowstone National Park to the west coast of Ireland, and through a series of almost 150 colour fine art nude photographs shot in a variety of locations in Europe.

Nudity is important in this story because it strips away any masking of persona or confusion with the connection each person is making with the natural world where they are photographed. The absence of clothing also helps to prevent the images from becoming dated, because the theme of the book is timeless.

The 16 women appearing in the book are aged from 24-43, and while most are professional or semi-professional models, others are ordinary women who agreed to become a part of the project. Originally conceived as a mix of both colour and monochrome images, this book contains only colour images; that is the world and people as our eyes, with their combination of cones and rods, see them. There is a companion volume which contains black and white images – entitled “Naturally Nude in Nature.”

The book is currently being re-edited, and the next edition will be available shortly.

Monograph - "Naturally Nude in Nature"

Naturally Nude in Nature

One of the revelations with photography is that monochrome images often enable us to see the world and people in new, and often deeper, ways. Colour is such a dominant part of our vision that we often overlook more subtle variations in tones and textures.

This book is a companion volume to the colour book “Rewilding the Human Spirit”, but instead of repeating the contemporary narrative contained in that book, this work includes a range of directly relevant quotations which show and help to explain humans’ deep and intrinsic connection to our natural world.

The importance of landscape, nature and our natural world is shown both through these quotations and through just over 130 monochrome fine art nude images, involving 15 different women aged 24 to 43. The works have been shot in a range of natural locations around Europe.

The book is currently being re-edited and the next edition will be available shortly.

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