On Location With SubEnchantress

In the autumn this year I had the good fortune to shoot with SubEnchantress; a  wonderful professional model in the fenlands of Central England. Clicking on the Image below takes you to a small selection of the images created on a beautiful September morning.

On Location in England's Fens with SubEnchantress

Lates Shoot - Sensual Home Nude with Professional Model Iron B

I've just posted a small selection of photos from a recent shoot with professional model Iron B. To see these go to On-line Exhibitions Section on the top menu or click on the image below.


Amazilia Receives Honorable Mention in 16th International Spider Awards

AMAZILIA has once again been a Winner at the 16th Annual Black & White Spider Awards with an Honourable Mention in Nude for his image entitles   Extreme Female Bodyscape.

There were 6,211 entries received from artists living in 75 countries , and Amazilia is pleased to have received recognition for the image, which was shot with model Bianca J.

Extreme Feminine Bodyscape

Untitled photo

The complete Series One of Nudeartzine is now available on Amazon at the following URL:-

Nudeartzine on Amazon

Issue Three is dedicated to Amazilia's Work:-

Amazilia (Paul Veron) Volume 3 Nudeartzine

Images from Nudeartzine Volume 3

Amazilia Published in Xany Magazine

Eight Dynamic Fine Art Nude Images Shot With Ayla Rose and Charliee Published in  Xany Magazine; including Front and Back Covers (see below images).

Photos - Front and Back Covers of June 2021 Xany Magazine

Amazilia a Winner in Nude Category at B&W Spider Awards

Paul is pleased to have an award winning photo in the 2020 International Black & White Spider Awards. The winning entries have just been published in book. Paul's Image is on Page 251:-

2020 Black & White Spider Awards

Untitled photo

Amazilia's Work Published in Volume 3 of Nudeartzine

Paul is delighted to be the featured photographer in issue 3 of the Italian based nudeartmagazine. This Volume carries a beautiful selection of the main genres shot by Amazilia, including Nudes in Nature, Fine Art Nudes and Sensual Nudes.

The Magazine can be viewed and purchased at the link below:-

Nudeartzine Volume 3 Paul Veron (Amazilia Photography)

Amazilia Publishes New Fine Art Nude Coffee Table Book

25% off New Book 04 - 06 May 2021

Amazilia has just published a beautiful coffee table fine art nude book, containing a short narrative about the beauty of the world, and our place in it. This is combined with more than 70 colour and black and white photographs created with 19 women. The images were shot over a period of four years, and include a range of habitats from eight countries or islands, including Crete, Iceland, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and the UK.

Use Voucher Code BOOKSTORE at Blurb at checkout to apply 25 Discount from 04 - 06 May (click on link below).

Naturally Nude in Nature - On Our Mote of Dust

Naturally Nude in Nature - On Our Mote of Dust

Amazilia Exhibits in Hamburg, Germany

Amazilia will be exhibiting several Limited Edition Photographs at the Marziart Internationale Galerie in Hamburg from 30 April. The owner, Marion Zimmermann, has worked really hard to stage the exhibition, and has endured several previous cancellations due to Covid restrictions. However, the gallery now looks set to open very shortly.

Amazilia is grateful to Marion for her patience and persistence, and is very much looking forward to being included in the selection of artwork on display for visitors and art collectors.

Marziart Internationale Galerie, Hamburg

Amazilia Published in Le NUDE Magazine - The Landscape Issue

Paul is delighted to have a selection of Natural Nudes in Nature published in The Landscape Issue of NUDE Magazine (no 21).  11 images of the following six models are included in the publication: - Cariad, Freespirit, Leaf, Renaissance, Silk and Scarlot Rose.  

The Magazine is available at http://www.lenudemagazine.com/

  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo

Amazilia Receives "Artist of the Future" Award from The Contemporary Art Curator Magazine

Rewilding Book Reviewed on NewYork-ARTNews

Amazilia's first monograph "Rewilding the Human Spirit" has just been positively reviewed by Jennifer Vignone of New York Art News.

The review can be read at the following link:-

Rewilding Book Reviewed by NY-ARTNews

Have you ever wondered why people feel so deeply and innately connected to nature, and why maintaining contact with our natural world is so important to most people’s health and happiness?

This book explains this very deep-rooted human need both through a short contemporary narrative which takes the reader from America’s Yellowstone National Park to the west coast of Ireland, and through a series of more than 100 colour fine art nude photographs shot in a variety of locations in Europe.

Nudity is important in this story because it strips away any masking of persona or confusion with the connection each person is making with the natural world where they are photographed. The absence of clothing also helps to prevent the images from becoming dated, because the theme of the book is timeless.

The 16 women appearing in the book are aged from 24-43, and while most are professional or semi-professional models, others are ordinary women who agreed to become a part of the project. Originally conceived as a mix of both colour and monochrome images, this book contains only colour images; that is the world and people as our eyes, with their combination of cones and rods, see them. There is a companion volume which contains black and white images – entitled “Rewilding the Human Spirit – Naturally Nude in Nature.”

The book is available in digital format from amazon:-

Rewilding the Human Spirit (US)

Rewilding the Human Spirit (UK)

Rewilding the Human Spirit

Amazilia is delighted to be exhibiting ten Dynamic Fine Art Nude Images at the wonderful Colorida Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal. This exhibition is running until Saturday 24th October.

Amazilia Exhibition at Colorida Gallery, Lisbon

Amazilia Participating in International Festival of Erotic Arts with Talk on "Beauty and Sensuality - Challenges and Opportunities in Fine Nude Photography".

Body Ballet

Siena Awards Nude Category Winner 2020

Amazilia is delighted to have won the Nude Category at the 2020 Siena Creative Photography Awards.

The image features two exceptional fine art nude models, Anna Rose and Ayla, and is part of a wonderful duo art nude shoot. One can be forgiven for thinking that Anna and Ayla must have worked together many times before to produce such creative and well choreographed poses, but I believe this was only their second ever shoot together.

This particular pose was one of several dynamic art nude manoeuvres created in a dazzling fast-paced session. 

I particularly like the contrasts between the tones of the models' skins and the harmony in their body positioning. 

Working with such talented, hard-working models is a real privilege. I only wish I'd had time to appreciate the beauty of their poses, but in truth they both worked so fast that I struggled to keep up...and I was only pressing the shutter button!

A second photograph by Amazilia was also Commended at the same Competition. "Elegant Poise" features the fine art nude model Helen Diaz in a striking pose, which unusually is lit with a softbox from directly above the model. 

The blue tint added in post production gives the image additional emotional context, which is important in my sensual art nude imagery, as I am always looking to engender some emotional reaction when viewers see my work.

Elegant Poise

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