Body Ballet

Siena Awards Nude Category Winner 2020

Amazilia is delighted to have won the Nude Category at the 2020 Siena Creative Photography Awards.

The image features two exceptional fine art nude models, Anna Rose and Ayla, and is part of a wonderful duo art nude shoot. One can be forgiven for thinking that Anna and Ayla must have worked together many times before to produce such creative and well choreographed poses, but I believe this was only their second ever shoot together.

This particular pose was one of several dynamic art nude manoeuvres created in a dazzling fast-paced session. 

I particularly like the contrasts between the tones of the models' skins and the harmony in their body positioning. 

Working with such talented, hard-working models is a real privilege. I only wish I'd had time to appreciate the beauty of their poses, but in truth they both worked so fast that I struggled to keep up...and I was only pressing the shutter button!

A second photograph by Amazilia was also Commended at the same Competition. "Elegant Poise" features the fine art nude model Helen Diaz in a striking pose, which unusually is lit with a softbox from directly above the model. 

The blue tint added in post production gives the image additional emotional context, which is important in my sensual art nude imagery, as I am always looking to engender some emotional reaction when viewers see my work.

Elegant Poise

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