On Line Exhibitions

I will upload a small selection of images from particular shoots in this part of the site to form On-line Exhibitions. In this way viewers can see more images than would be included in the relevant Showcase Galleries. The images will stay on-line for around 6-8 weeks each, before being replaced in rotation. In this way there will always be fresh images for viewers to enjoy

The most recent exhibition will always be at the top of the list below.

Click on the Image to open each exhibition.

Dynamic Duo Fine Art Nude

I was lucky enough to work with Ayla Rose and Nicole Rayner, two highly creative and original models at Juice Studio in SE England. We worked for a whole day, and there were so many wonderful poses that selecting images at the end of the shoot proved to be very difficult. In this exhibition I include a few of my favourite colour images.

Dynamic Duo

Rebecca in the Studio

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to work with the very talented and hard working model Rebecca Tun. We shot for half  a day at The Cottage Studio in southern England, working mostly on several series of low-key fine art nude images, including some bodyscapes. At the end of the shoot I went well off-piste (for me) and created some fashion nude images with Rebecca (several of which have now been published in MARIKA magazine).

Below is a selection of the black and white images created with Rebecca. Click on the Image below to see the Gallery Images.

Latest Shoot - Iron B - Sensual Nude at Home

Apologies for the delay in updating the On-Line Exhibitions Section. Click on the Image below to see a selection of images from a very successful home sensual art nude shoot with professional model Iron B in southern England.

Iron B

Five of the 11 Photos Published in Le NUDE Magazine

Koneko Fine Art Nude

Arabella Nude in Nature in Colour

Scarlot Rose in Nature

Jenni JJ in the Countryside

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